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17May test

25Jan Add an Archive button to outlook 2010

I recently moved to a more concise Outlook folder structure:

So then I started spending a lot of time simply moving messages from the inbox to the archived folder. Also when I read a message and move it, it was not marked as read. I hated wasting those precious 2 seconds ;)

So I googled something like “outlook 2010 archive plugin” and ended up at lifehacker:

The lifehacker example was for outlook 2007 and for an inbox with a single folder (one email address).

I created the certificate, I added the developer tools using this link:

I enabled Macros using this information:

and I used the following code (worked fine for one folder):

Sub Archive()
Set ArchiveFolder = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Folders("Archived")
For Each Msg In ActiveExplorer.Selection
Msg.Move ArchiveFolder
Next Msg
End Sub

Make sure you folder is named “Archived” or change the code.

Now what happened to me was, if I archived an email from my devry folder, it went into the sage/archived. That would not do.
Also the messages were still UnRead = true unless I clicked off of them and back on.

So I used this code for my situation:

Sub Archive()

Set Folders = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI").Folders

For j = 1 To Folders.Count
If Folders(j).Name = "" Or Folders(j).Name = "" Then
If Folders(j).Name = ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder.Parent Then
Set ArchiveFolder = Folders(j).Folders(2).Folders(1)
For Each Msg In ActiveExplorer.Selection
Msg.UnRead = False
Msg.Move ArchiveFolder
Next Msg
End If
End If
Next j
End Sub

Let me know if it works for you.

27Sep SQLLite resources

I had a request from a student to show how to connect to a SQLLite db from C#. It turns out it is pretty straight forward. You just need a few tools. I will list what I find here:

.NET ADO SQLLite components:
Great tutorial:
SQLLite Browser:

11Jun Dissertation ideas

I think I have a good idea for a dissertation. That isn’t the point of this post.

I was watching this video : and had a thought.

Initially the thought was something like “Books are the original form of distance learning.”

And then I realized that when the press was developed that might not have been the purpose. Perhaps it was. You could read the Bible (and interpret the interpretation, in German I believe, by a Great man – Martin Luther) without the assistance of a member of the Church. If I remember correctly–from the dvds i watched–this was a reason the Church was so against the press.

Anyway. Watch your “p”s and “q”s.

So are books a form of distance learning? Does the average author of a book of learning intend an instructor to be present when the book us used for learning? I think not.

Certainly some books are meant to be used by an instructor in a classroom, but the vast majority of books going back many, many years are meant to be read by a person intellectually capable of grasping the content within. I do not mean to say that I would not have learned more by attending class under Master Luther rather than “reading” the New Testament on my iPod (yes iPod at the time–old school). I would hope that at least Mathew, Mark , Luke and John in their little nutshell would have written their pieces with the intention that a simple person such as myself could understand what they wrote.

To wrap this up. Books are the original form of distance and time spanning learning. No instructor needed. If you think I can only learn by attending a class where you speak to me you are mistaken.

01Jun Suspend your disbelief to be a better learner

Successful learners try and adapt what they already know to new information being received. Unsuccessful learners try and adapt new information to fit with knowledge they have already mastered. When the latter begins to explore a subject that they have no prior information to check against, they struggle and reject everything about the new subject as being wrong or hard or unecessary. The point is to suspend your disbelief (Pallof and Pratt, 2005) just as you would when watching inception. New information is inception.

28May Be a noisy learner.

Palloff and Pratt describe successful learners in their book Building Online Learning Communities. They make the point that a noisy learner is a successful learner.

I agree. Speak up, get involved, and be loud. This is not a one way street. If all I do is preach and you listen you are sure to learn less than if you question, challenge, and participate!

19Jan The Ask (book)

I started reading The Ask and found it a bit rough honestly. One thing I noticed. It helped me quit drinking. It also motivated me to get some stuff done.

Finished five papers in as many days. I was a bit sick, but used my time effectively.

Anyway. Good book!


19Jan is the new dimdim but better

So I was contacted by a rep after my dimdim post and I gave it a shot. Mikogo is awesome.

It not only allows me to share my screen and give control but also let students share their screens and I take control. Just great. It was fast and clear.

I recorded using camtasia since the mikogo recording was in a proprietary format, but I did that anyway.

The only drawback and it is MINOR is a lack of built in audio. I had skype, so we used that. No problem. Thanks Mikogo!


09Jan is dead? Long live

I was shocked and dismayed to see salesforce had furchased dimdim and killed it (of course). I was told that my account would be active until 3/11/11. Whatever. I had been using for some time now.

Jane wrote about this today and her list fails to mention which I find to be an easy and outstanding service.

I use this for face-to-face class meetings! I have students in the classroom that I give the link to so that they can better see the screen. The projectors at my school are top of the line, but cannot adequately display a 1440X900 resolution so that a students 20 feet away can see my code. Their physical machine can easily. Also they can screenshot or record from their local machine if they want (and they do!).

I say get I might even pay for an account I use it so much.

Jane – add to the TOP of your list. Most of the other services you have alphabetically listed are worthless.

19Nov Why upgrade to a newer browser?

Read this. Well if you cannot read it, then upgrade to a newer browser then read it.

18Nov Set instructor response time expectations early

When we train someone we want to be as helpful as we can. We jump at every question and quickly respond to chats and emails. Watkins points out in 75 e_learning Activities that this may not be the best approach. On page 29 he notes that as a course progresses the demand on the instructor is likely to increase as well.

I think this is a great point. A 2 minute response time is unreasonable when you are attending an 8-12 week course. What about a 3 day course packed full of information. You probably expect an answer immediately right?

17Nov A rubric for technical training?

Conrad and Donaldson (2004, engaging the online learner, pp. 28,29) show a great grading rubric. It is really figure 3.1.

Can we use that sort of thing in technical training? Sure! The grading rubric tells the student what is expected of the in the assignment. Lazy students will use it to figure out the minimum they can do to still get the grade they need, but this isn’t generally a problem with technical training. Our student are very motivated leathers.

So we create a final hands on project and a rubric and add that to the course. The hands on is probably going to be an analysis project. Why had an analysis project in a technical training course? I propose that after troubleshooting skills, analysis is the area where many developers could really use some help.

We shall see:)

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17Nov Course objectives. Important?

According to Conrad and Donaldson (2004, engaging the online learner, p. 17) “Every activity should be scrutinized to determine whether it matches a learning objective.” They go on to add that activities that do not meet this criteria add confusion and frustration. The learner is left asking “why did I just waste my time doing that?”

I agree and at DeVry I wouldn’t teach something that was not used in the real world by programmers. We are making this same changes elsewhere too.

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23Aug My Security system (cameras)

So I have iCam and some dlink cameras around my house. I have actually had them a very long time and finally got them working with the iPhone. It is a pretty neat setup and here are the results. I will tell you how I did it after the break.

So I needed some iPhone software. For that I went to iCam. I was able to check to see if my cameras were supported before I picked up the app. It works great.

There is a piece of software you need to have running on a pc to publish the feed though, so I have that running on my home server. I actually have one instance per camera running as a service to autostart with the server. I just realized I rebooted it “the hard way” and the cameras are up, so cool!

So some iPhone software, an app running on the server and a server. So far so good. I used the same process to run these apps as services as I have for dropbox.

So when we went to vegas I had the cameras wirelessly watching the dog and now I have wired them (it is much faster) directly to the router. It was hot in the attic.

The iCam software can actually turn on and off motion sensing from the iPhones, so you can not only see the motion events that are captured along with a real time video, but also turn off the feature which can also send you push notifications if you want. It is pretty full featured. I only have 2 cameras and have room for 2 more. I will need a new router at that point! The motion events it captures are in jpg, so I have those saved to my dropbox on the homeserver that way my laptop and iPhone get the new pics when there is motion. So I can view the pics that way too.

16Aug Replacing the door actuator (locker) on a 2006 Volvo V70

So the front passenger side door locker never really worked that great on our volvo V70.

It finally stopped locking so I had to replace it. $150 and I had it replaced. I had to drill out one rivet that was holding in the window rail at the bottom to get out the actuator. I went to ace and purchased a stainless steel replacement button screw with a locking nut.

The hard part was the heat. It was like 120 in the garage….

Anyway here are some pics: